I’m about to enter The Fence photography exhibit (yet again — I keep trying!), and the photos I’ve selected to enter make me nervous, for reasons I’m not ready to reveal to you. In fact, a lot of my art (both photography and writing) makes me nervous, and that’s actually a good thing. That’s when…

The children’s march

As children are increasingly marching in protests all over the world, I decided that my next found-space guerrilla art exhibit will feature street photography I’ve taken while Traveling at the Speed of Bike (of course) that shows children at numerous protests right here in the USA over the past few years, I am currently selecting the…


I installed my latest exhibit at Gallery 26 this week. It’s called Windows. I have much to say about it, and why I chose the photos I did. But I won’t. I’d rather you interpret it however you want. There’s one photo I wanted to include but didn’t, because it’s vulgar. But I may show…

The white dress

Cast-off detritus from a night where good turned bad, perhaps, The White Dress lay on a pile of wood chips in an abandoned urban garden until I found it accidentally. I carried its unknown story around the city while Traveling at the Speed of Bike and tossed it recklessly into existing unloved tableaus of reality….


This is a quick collage of my solo art exhibits to date (plus I’ve been part of a few group shows). I’ve just released my 2017/2018 schedule as part of 7 MPH. Now that Traveling at the Speed of Bike is published, it feels good to get back to my art.