Thistle fluff

fullsizeoutput_2c41.jpegI can’t seem to stop visiting the thistle fluff in a magic thistle meadow I discovered over a year ago. A poem may be coming . . .

If interested, six of my poems are in my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike*. Today is the last day to get it for just 99 cents (USA digital version only, downloadable instantly to any device via the free Kindle app) in celebration of Biketober. Two years ago, during Biketober, I created and installed a guerrilla art exhibit with other poems all around Atlanta titled Poems at the Speed of Bike. You can see one of them here. If you are interested in guerrilla art, you may enjoy these other exhibits. I’m due for a new one. I think it may be about Today’s Nice Stranger.

* As always, thanks for your support. Proceeds are used to give free classes to women and girls. There are at least two coming up in the remainder of 2019.

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