Meet Kyle and Esin

68147B70-53E4-48AF-B3AE-6FEB673A945CMeet Kyle and Esin. Kyle is a hairstylist at the salon right behind that public mural. He’s super nice and I’ve seen him twice this past weekend.

Esin (pictured below) is originally from Istanbul and has been living in Midtown Atlanta — and seeing its many changes — for more than twenty years. I loved chatting with her on the dirt path where we met, and I am extra happy to see the world through her eyes on her stunning Instagram feed.

I met them both when I was setting up my #TodaysNiceStranger street portrait exhibit (I switched its location after a day because I didn’t like the light in the first location).

It’s out there in the wild now (at the location where Esin is pictured), if you want to try to find it while Traveling at the Speed of Bike! If you see a portrait of yourself or someone you know, feel free to take it. (Maybe post a photo of yourself with it, tagged #TodaysNiceStranger, ok?)

Prefer an armchair view? See the TodaysNiceStranger feed on Instagram here. Every photo has a story, by the way. I tell some of them here.

Interested in more guerrilla art? You may enjoy some of the other Art at the Speed of Bike exhibits I’ve displayed in found spaces over the past few years. Each exhibit was ephemeral and short-lived by nature, in nature. The wild spaces are disappearing rapidly, by the way (although they can’t seem to beat the life out of this particular space). The time left for this kind of random expression in a city like Atlanta, at the crossroads of change, is dwindling daily.