Free book club discussion guide

If you’re looking for a book club selection for Spring, Earth Day, Bike Month, and beyond, consider Traveling at the Speed of Bike. Its free Book Club Discussion Guide (below) takes it far beyond bike riding.

Bye, Instagram

And so, that’s that. I posted my last post on Instagram. I’ll leave the feed up in case there’s something anyone finds helpful (such as previously-posted photos of #BikeNoodle, #TodaysNiceStranger, the #ArtOfBikeRiding, #AStreetcarNamedAspire, and #TravelingAtTheSpeedOfBike). I am moving forward in new ways now. I’ll keep posting here on this blog, and I hope to see you…

Enjoy the night

Here’s free Tip #4 for you (see the lights I bought, use, and love). See Tips #1, #2, and #3 on my Bonus Resources page. Want tips in person? Check out my classes.

Wait for the red car

Wait for the red car in the video above. I am using #BikeNoodle (which sticks out two-and-a-half feet/about .8 meters from my back bike rack and which the driver did not hit) so that’s actually a legal distance away (unless the three-feet/one meter legal-passage measurement is from the handlebars, which, now that I think about…

Scan, signal, scan

Here’s Tip #2 for you. Want tips in person? Check out my classes. (See Tip #1 here.)

Rubber-hits-the-road tips

I’ve been wanting to do a series of quick rubber-hits-the-road tips while Traveling at the Speed of Bike. So here we go with number one — the good ole’ right hook danger, specifically when it involves a truck.

Rainy day reading

Stuck inside on a rainy day? Tired of shoveling snow? Want to kick back with some chocolate cake? (Oh, wait, that’s me.) Well, no matter why a little me-time on the couch would do you well, now’s a great time to tickle memory alive, laugh and cry and identify, and maybe even get inspired to…

This city fully admits it’s “nearly impossible”

The suburb-city where I Iive fully admits that “walking or biking along this busy road in its current state is nearly impossible” (see the summaries/visuals below). A “commuter trail” (please see my definition of commuter here), consisting of a two-way protected cycle track and a multiuse path (hello, scooters!), using a combination of hotel/motel taxes…