Brooklyn Bridge on Citibike

This scared me (note: I used to do this regularly when I was in my 20s). But a sign on a building visible from the Brooklyn Bridge said You Go, Girl. So I did. (See my Ridespot story about it below.)

If something is scaring you, I want you to know you got this.

Just. Keep. Pedaling.

If you need more inspiration, see the You Go, Girl series.

You may also enjoy my free Pedal Power with Pattie classes. They are specifically designed for women and girls, and offered in four convenient ways.

Also, my book may help.

By the way, if you’re interested in simply living your Life List now, instead of waiting for God-knows-what, you may enjoy Bucket List. (Warning: it may change your life. It changed mine.)

Ridespot Story:

We face bridges to cross as a society right now as we move forward from the pandemic here in the USA. I decided to combine a visit to my 88-year-old parents (for the first time since before COVID) with a crossing of the Brooklyn Bridge by bike (which I hadn’t done since I was 25) to reflect on that.

First I crossed the Hudson River Greenway to a funky new little island. Then I crossed Lower Manhattan. Then I crossed the East River.

I’ve ridden around Manhattan many times before, but this time was transformational — there’s much more to tell you. I’ll most likely be writing a post in the next few days on (Update: I will probably save the big story for my book-in-progress, Leaving Suburbia for the Peace Corps)