Art in Motion

There’s gonna be an art to balancing my new job and active wellness, and I’m happy to report my first week was a success! By juggling existing biorhythm habits and new time zones (and a little more coffee than usual), I was able to carve out time each day for wellness initiatives. I posted TikToks you may enjoy.

I am deeply committed to continue doing that — especially since what I was hired to write about is . . . wellness initiatives!

Also, don’t forget to follow my new free, quick-read newsletter, Our State of Health, written and released each weekend, which spotlights noteworthy communications from State Departments of Health across the USA. I started at the New Year, so we’re three issues in already, team.

I’m hoping that folks (like you!) will continue to support my pro bono efforts as creator of the first global toolkit to help more women and girls (currently underrepresented in our public spaces) ride bikes (see the “You Go, Girl” Toolkit here).

I make it fun to keep my volunteer projects funded with Artsy Bike merchandise (featuring my original art). You are reminded that you are art in motion while Traveling at the Speed of Bike* when you:

  • Pack a picnic in a sturdy canvas lunch bag;
  • Slug from a plentiful stainless steel water bottle at the top of a hill;
  • Share your bike joy with your on-board baby in a picture-perfect bib (it even comes in four trim colors!);
  • Wear a fun face mask over your boring K95 when you’re not on your bike (but wish you were!), or on crowded paths

Colors flow through you as you move through space and time, and joy is centered once again in a world in turmoil. And lord knows we need that right now.

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You are #arte in motion when you’re #TravelingAtTheSpeedOfBike with #ArtsyBike merchandise. All proceeds used to help more #women and #girls ride bikes. Links to purchase below and in bio

♬ Bicycle Race – Lang Race Mix – Blümchen

*all proceeds from purchases of my books are used for good as well