You Deserve Joy

So my younger daughter tells me TikTok is fun and I check it out and I see that, yes, in fact, it is!

And then I say to myself: You know what else is fun? Traveling at the Speed of Bike! Maybe there’s a way to add some bikey stuff to TikTok — especially now when joy is in such short supply due to our challenging times.

Reminder: Joy is not a luxury. It’s not a frivolity. It’s a fundamental part of our humanity and a superpower that increases our resiliency.

Maybe the fun that folks are having on TikTok is the reason why it has exploded in popularity during this global pandemic. I wish, in fact, I had gotten on board earlier. I’ve laughed more in the last week or two since I joined (despite the world continuing to go to hell in a handwagon) than I have in a long while.

SO, as always, I invite you along on a joy-based journey.

And, for anyone who needs to hear this right now:

Don’t let anyone squash your attempt at a positive attitude during this negative time. Don’t accept the gutter of failed imagination. You deserve joy.

Check out @pedalpowerwithpattie on TikTok for my collection of bike tips and inspiration, and follow my ongoing account @speedofbike. And then see you out there, Traveling at the Speed of Bike! (Also see “Joy” Campaign for public service announcements that center joy on billboards and on mass transit in Metro Atlanta. Plus, I’m spreading whatever joy I can across other social media platforms, if TikTok’s not your thing.)

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