36365344195_f64a1b33a9_oThe coming of Totality today has made me think about the totality of my life as well, especially because it’s a birthday week for me. I realized yesterday while having yet another death-defying ride in the dangerous suburb-city where I currently live that I had gotten so fixated on “hitting my miles” lately that I have been forgetting about the smiles — the strangers I enjoy meeting, the art I love to discover, and the sheer joy of freedom I feel while Traveling at the Speed of Bike somewhere built to accommodate my safety.

Life is too short and too precious to waste on bad bike rides. And so, effective immediately, I’m done with that. I will only ride where I’m wanted, where I’m happy, and where I’m free to express myself. It’s not about the miles. It’s about committing to a joy-based journey, and following my heart. Totally.

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