When you hear about the trail

35428542152_ca1688d1a6_oSo I took this photo not long before this two-way protected bike lane was removed. That’s its own story. But then this week the man (who lived in my suburb-city) who owned the neighborhood grocery store in that red building was murdered. This is next to an elementary school, directly across the street from a beloved urban farm that had already been forced to move from a different location, a five-minute bike ride from the new Mercedes Benz Stadium, and a five-minute walk from the historically-black colleges of the Atlanta University Center. So that’s its own story.

This photo is from my longitudinal photo essay about this neighborhood. There are so many people doing so much good here. When you hear about the imminent official opening of the new Westside Trail section of the Atlanta BeltLine, I want you to be able to picture this street, this store, these people. These people’s lives and neighborhood deserve to get better.

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