The final vote


Ah, the beauty of “instantly downloadable to any device” — I’m able to test things and change them on the fly, including different bike styles, photos, colors, fonts, and supporting information for covers for my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike. It’s not the way traditional marketing used to be done (been there, done that), but real-time feedback loops are way more fun! Here’s the third (and final one, unless I get a doozy when I go back to New York next month), pictured with the first two. Although I love opinions, the only votes that really let me know where the rubber hits the road right now are sales.

Sales of the book with the first two covers are neck-and-neck (each one ran for about a month, each at two different price points, each supported by social media amplification). Thank you for your support and kind reviews to date. If you’ve been on the fence, click here to “vote” for this one in the USA (click here for all other markets globally). It’s 99 cents in the USA for just one more day, in honor of #Biketober.

I’ll be adding an epilogue following my trip back to my hometown in New York in early November (I am currently trying to rent or borrow a bike so I can re-ride some of the scenes from Chapter 1: Time Machine) and will be releasing the revised book with the final cover for the holidays.

And then it’s on to the next one (already in the works), plus I’ll be doing some pivoting in my next life stage . . .