World’s newest pedestrian scramble

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 6.14.54 AMNot just the USA’s but the world’s newest pedestrian scramble just opened where the Atlanta Beltline extension crosses into the Krog Street Tunnel (pictured). You can see a little video (and lots of other bikey photos) on my Instagram feed.

In theory, a pedestrian scramble means that all traffic lanes are stopped by red lights simultaneously while all pedestrian crossings have white lights indicating it is safe to cross. No rights on red by motor vehicles are allowed during this activity. Pushing the button at any of the pedestrian crossings activates this cycle. I’ve been through pedestrian scrambles in Pittsburgh, in Dunwoody (GA), by Georgia State in downtown Atlanta, and here. The downtown Atlanta and Pittsburgh ones are the only ones that truly work as promised, as far as I can tell. I’ll keep my eye on this one and report back with updates. Currently I don’t think all pedestrian crossings at this scramble have the white lights at the same time, plus it’s unclear whether you can cross on both diagonals.