MARTA is having a moment

In case you’ve been under a social media rock the past couple of days, the Atlanta mass transit system known as MARTA is “having a moment,” ever since a MARTA bus kept to its schedule and stopped right in front of the Georgia Dome as it was being imploded, unknowingly blocking The Weather Channel’s live coverage of the event. The memes are honestly hilarious, and various businesses and other entities are having a ball with it. USA Today (where I used to work, by the way!) named it the best new sports meme.

If this moment in the sun for buses got you thinking about multimodal travel with your bike and your local bus (which you may have never done before), the little video above shows you how to do that if your transit system has a bike rack on the front (which many of them now do). (Alternatively, just ask the bus driver or someone with a bike to show you how to use it. In general, I find that folks are usually happy to help with just about anything.)

Here’s how to take your bike on the MARTA train and the Atlanta Streetcar as well: