Call for protected lanes after latest death

After leaving my older daughter at the airport early this morning, I rode Sharey the bikeshare bike and took this nine-second video at the tail end of rush hour on a two-way protected bike lane in Midtown, Atlanta.

Unbeknownst to me, just shortly before I filmed this, a woman slightly older than my daughter was killed when a garbage truck hit her in Center City, Philadelphia. According to the reports, witnesses say that she was riding in a bike lane when it happened. They say that folks have called for a protected bike lane in that area in the past. And now there will be the newest ghost bike in the USA in that spot, perhaps by tomorrow. Perhaps already.

When will this madness end? What on earth will it take before our public spaces are safe for all? How many lives? How many tears? How many class action suits against local governments for their failure to act effectively (must I bring up Pointy the Bike Lane again?) in a timely manner to protect the welfare of its citizens and enable equitable access for all? (Wait — has there actually been a case yet?)

I have so, so much to share about related topics to this. It’s in my book.