Gwinnett County, Georgia

32418697901_9df5390eef_oI am heading out to the county seat of Gwinnett County, Georgia (one of the fastest growing counties in the USA) next week to talk bikes with Gwinnett County Transit. In preparation, I’ve been doing some research.

Did you know that, although there is no passenger train in Gwinnett, there is a bus system that includes 12 different routes, including some that go into Midtown, Atlanta and some that go to the nearest MARTA train station not far from where I live? Did you know each regular bus can hold two bikes in the front (like the MARTA buses), and you can store your bike like luggage on the coach-style buses? This means that someone in Gwinnett who wants to ride bikes in the City of Atlanta (which is where I ride most often because it is terrific) can do so pretty darn easily.

Additionally, did you know there are a plethora of paths and trails and parks throughout Gwinnett that are great for bike riding? I’ve already ridden the stunning trail in Suwanee, Georgia (which is one of five metropolitan Atlanta cities with a bikeshare system, by the way — pictured), and I’ve done a bike audit of Norcross, but it appears I have much more riding to do. Bring it!