“Best of 2017”: Women’s March

31650611463_481d3866c9_oIn addition to the 12 Days of Nice Strangers feature I’ll be running here, I’m also going to showcase what I consider my best selections from my 2017 street photography album, with a little story about when I got each photo while traveling at the speed of bike. 

Let’s kick off with this one. It’s from The Women’s March in Atlanta, which was part of the global day of women’s marches that collectively make up the largest march in history. It was a rainy day. I rode Mulie and situated myself right in front of CNN, which is part of Turner Broadcasting (where I worked for four years when I first relocated to Atlanta from New York City), facing the start of the march as it went past the ferris wheel in downtown Atlanta.

My husband asked me recently why an envelope with about 100 photos from this day is in our safety deposit box at the bank. I replied, “Because I want our future grandchildren to know that I was there.” (You can see my Flickr album from that day here.)

Note: You can see a short video clip from this day in this post: Librarians Are Pissed.