Big hairy audacious goal

Hmm . . .  I sat and watched a steady stream of bike riders go by on the Georgia Institute of Technology’s campus today. It is a Gold-Level #BikeFriendlyUniversity with 8% of its population using bikes as transportation (which is high in the USA), according to the head of alternative transportation, with whom I was sitting on a wall and chatting . Almost all the riders who passed were male. (Women represent about 50% of the population but currently only about 25% of bike riders nationwide.)

I got to thinking it might be nice to teach a bike class to women at GA Tech and get a few more women out there riding.  It might also be nice if they eventually got involved with planning and design to make the USA more bike-friendly for all. And helmets. We need something better in helmets.

Big hairy audacious goal — Atlanta becomes the first city in the USA with gender parity in bike riding. In 2018. Starting with Georgia Tech.

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