“Best of 2017”: Atlanta Streets Alive

34496037374_a03605f4d2_oThis woman got married right out there in the middle of our public spaces known as streets during Atlanta Streets Alive, an event that happens four times a year in different parts of Atlanta when major thoroughfares are open for only human-powered activity. Something like 100,000 people go to these events, by the way. Sponsors and businesses showcase their services and wares, and politicians meet and greet (since they know many of these people vote), along the routes. I just happened to be traveling at the speed of bike when I fell upon this scene.

Here is a post I wrote awhile back as a guest blogger for the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition about Atlanta Streets Alive. Here is the woman responsible for starting it in Atlanta. Events like these (often called Open Streets) are held in many cities across the USA (and around the world). In fact, the League of American Bicyclists’ Bicycle Friendly Community application gives points and preference to cities that host these.