It was beautiful

BikeAlpharettaI saw three children riding bikes around the parking lot and knew I had found the right place. As I walked into the vast, unlit warehouse, the sun’s streams through the windows backlit dozens of people of all ages, and hundreds of bikes in various stages of repair. Every bike (and a helmet for each) would be donated to a child in need for the holidays. It was beautiful.

Bravo, Bike Alpharetta, the volunteer advocacy group that ran this event. Other organizations do something similar to this as well — most notably FreeBikes4Kidz, with locations in Minneapolis and Atlanta. Check around to see if there is an initiative like this near you, or consider starting it. You can enhance its impact by adding lights, locks, and basic bike skills education (perhaps through an Earn-a-Bike program, such as at WeCycle and Bearings Bike Shop in Atlanta — we did this in the City of Decatur, GA this past year as well).

(Note: I looked and looked for my presentation partner from during our League Cycling Instructor course but didn’t find him — perhaps we just missed each other. He is the head of Bike Alpharetta. To read more about becoming a League Cycling Instructor and also what happened during the Earn-a-Bike program I co-taught, see my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike. You may get some additional ideas.)