Get that blog post written

36196793592_6b6e9dc502_o.jpgIf you are a corporation, municipality, school, or organization with something positive to shout out about biking, you are 500 words and an original photo away from making an impact on your target audiences across all social media platforms. It starts with a blog post, and I can knock it out for you. If you don’t yet have a staff member who is both a bike rider and professional writer, then this is an easy, affordable way to dip your toe into the power of this combined expertise.

Starting in January (2018), I am offering “Ride and Write” custom content after road-testing your city or covering (through hands-on experience) your other desired bike-related story*. These are positive stories with original photos that you approve and can then run on your blog and amplify across your social media platforms. I can also customize a complete editorial calendar for you if you want ongoing blogging, plus I can provide social media amplification as desired. This professional service is passion-project-priced at a mere $25 per hour through May (my professional writing rate is typically $150 per hour), with trustworthy estimates provided before work begins.  (See my resume, with link to recommendations on LinkedIn, here**).

*In metro Atlanta areas (preferably accessible by mass transit) with no additional travel charge; in other cities throughout the USA or world with expenses paid

**Note: Cox Enterprises hired me for years to write both a business-to-business blog and a business-to-consumer blog, plus I have blogged for numerous small businesses and non-profit organizations as well. I have been blogging personally, including a blog that garnered more than a million visits in a short period of time, since 2006. I have a Klout score of 60 and am a top 1% social media influencer in dozens of sustainability-related topics. I’ve also written feature articles for major national publications and have published numerous books, including Traveling at the Speed of Bike. Most importantly? I LOVE THIS STUFF and that love will come through. It would be my great honor to showcase what you are doing. Contact me to discuss your particular details and to schedule.