FullSizeRenderTo anyone where it snowed yesterday (and to keep in mind for any future snow episodes where you live) — take special note (photos!) if you are out walking or riding your bike in the snow. Those spots at intersections, at corners, on sides of roads, and in the middle of roads where there are no car tire tracks (called sneckdowns) are spots ripe for becoming pedestrian islands, bike lanes, curb bulb-outs, and more, with zero negative impact on motor vehicle access.

Bike/ped advocates (i.e. regular folks who just want to get places with options besides cars) in typically snowy cities use photos that show sneckdowns to demonstrate low-hanging-fruit opportunities for improvements to leaders at their city halls all the time. One city councilor where I live posted this great photo that showed one last night — that triangle could easily become a pedestrian crossing island or a rainwater bioswale. Here are Google images of sneckdowns from around the USA.