A simple improvement for bikeshares

My kingdom for a simple water bottle holder on your bikeshare bike! I’ll overlook all the weird idiosyncracies of your system if I can just have that. I prefer to carry a large metal water bottle that’s too big (and painful when riding) to put in my bag across my back or in the mesh water bottle holder I bought specifically to use on bikeshare bikes, and it rattles like mad in your basket (for those of you who actually have a basket on your bikeshare bikes), which isn’t even really the biggest problem. It’s when I hit a pothole (see the end of the 20-second video above for a perfect example) and it almost flies out of the basket onto the road. That’s just dangerous.

You know how shopping carts sometimes have a built-in spot to hold flowers or other loose things in the corner of the basket? That. Just something like that, please. Thanks. (By the way, for awhile I tried to remember to  carry a bungee cord with me at all times, but the beauty of bikeshare is I ride it when I don’t really plan to do so, and having to be prepared with additional items to carry doesn’t work as well.)

Note: If your city hasn’t yet launched a bikeshare program, please see if you can find a model that includes a water bottle holder. I have yet to see one, and I’ve ridden bikeshare in six cities now. It would be nice.

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