Nice strangers #2

FullSizeRender-9So I kicked off Twelve Days of Nice Strangers a week or two ago, just to give you a peek. My Nice Strangers file of photos is so thick that it’s hard to choose the rest of the list, but here goes. These are folks I met while Traveling at the Speed of Bike. My general findings? The world is filled with kind, interesting people happy to share a moment in time on this journey called life with you. If this has not been your experience, my hope is that 2018 will be the year you rediscover this simple joy where you live — perhaps, even, while riding a bike.

Nice Strangers #2 (pictured): This is Krystal and her sons, Ja’Den and Anthony. They are entrepreneurs who own and run Brown Boys Lemonade. I met them just a couple of days ago while they were promoting the upcoming 1000 Men March, when men (and women) will march in 10 of the worst areas of Atlanta, in terms of crime and violence, as a demonstration of love, solidarity, and peace. There’s a photo of just the boys on my Instagram feed, if you are interested. As Anthony told me, they make their lemonade with “brown sugar and honey.”