Re: those bike lanes no one uses

img_6935In cities all over the USA, there are a plethora of new bike lanes that are too narrow to be used safely. When done incorrectly like this, they actually do more harm than good, for reasons I now understand. Folks who haven’t ridden a bike since the Roosevelt or Truman administrations* write letters to local newspapers saying, “You see, you see, you see — I told you no one would ride bikes in our city!”

Everything I have to say about this ineffective way for a city to claim it provides safe-access-for-all is in my book (plus in this free bonus Epilogue). But here’s a micro-fiction from my project, Street Shorts, inspired by a dead body I found in a bike lane recently (pictured), that may say it even more succinctly.

*before the Bike Boom of the 1970s when those of us who could best be called Boom Xers fell in life-long love with bike riding, whether or not we still ride — see Peak Bike

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