Time for a new vision


IMG_7530-1Five years ago last week, I made a vision board, much of which has since come to fruition. It’s in a little-used room in my house and I see it only occasionally. I gasped when I passed it yesterday and saw this particularly-prescient part of it (pictured), having had no idea when I made it that a bike named Magic would come into my life four years later. (See my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike, for what actually happened.)

This week, my younger daughter became an adult. That means not only that my country, state, and city gained another powerful woman with a vote but that I’ve officially outgrown my role as as a parent advocate — no one cares if I think buses at schools shouldn’t be idling while waiting for students, or if places kids play should be nontoxic, or if kids should be able to ride their bikes safely. I officially pass that torch to the parents of younger children now. Here is a letter* I wrote a while ago that those parents may find useful. Or not.

As for me, it’s time for a new vision board — although, just as I’ve been doing in our current bitter cold, I intend to keep traveling at the speed of bike. On Magic.

*Some of the links may not work as I switched domain names, but you get the point.


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