I love this ad

FullSizeRender-4I love this ad because it showcases in a simple visual the fact that women make or influence 80% of all consumer purchase decisions, and the fact that bike riders shop more locally and more often than those in cars. (Okay, I’m reading into the ad a bit, but these are actually facts about people on bikes.)

FYI, a measurably-larger percentage of every dollar spent locally (as opposed to at chain stores) continues to circulate in the community, thereby having a multiplier effect. Therefore, women-on-bikes have a significant impact on the economic sustainability of your city. (If you’re a woman who likes to ride a bike, this one’s for you.)

Also, bike tourism is a booming thing, and cities that are embracing it by making casual bike riding safe and accessible-for-all are attracting a whole new revenue stream to their cities. Those visiting bike riders are more likely to shop at your local businesses as well, thereby pumping even more dollars into your local economy.