Noodle tribe

fullsizeoutput_10a4I have found my Noodle tribe! A man named Doug on the Slow Bicycle Movement Facebook page tapped me into a group named the Illustrious Toronto Pool Noodle Parade. It has 159 members of BikeNoodle users, mostly from Toronto but also from Victoria, BC; Oakland, CA; and now, from Atlanta, GA! Trust the journey, right? (For more on my BikeNoodle experience, see my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike, Chapter 6: Noodle Lady. You can order your very own BikeNoodle sticker here.) (See photos on Instagram and Twitter tagged as #BikeNoodle.)

Note: I don’t use BikeNoodle anymore* — I ride only in cities where I don’t need it now — but it was awesome for 10 months and proved to be 100% effective at eliminating driver aggression and increasing motor vehicle passage to an average of six feet clearance.

*photo taken exactly a year ago

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