Dear Amazon:

36196793592_6b6e9dc502_o.jpgDear Amazon:

I hear you are coming to the metro Atlanta area soon (like in a week or two) to see if maybe you’d like to build your big second headquarters here. We should talk.

I know you have a long list of criteria, and that it includes a place that is bike-friendly for your employees. I live in a metro Atlanta suburb-city that is located where the largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the southeastern United States is headquartered (it’s on your list), and I spend significant time (as in, almost daily) in the City of Atlanta (where you are considering locations in Midtown and Downtown). These places present dramatically different bike-riding experiences, and you need to know how right your decision could be . . . or how wrong.

Short answer? Do not let any suburb-city that calls itself “family friendly” fool you. It’s lipstick on a pig. Fact: Less than 1% of children in these suburb-cities ride their bikes to school. I believe the City of Atlanta, however, could be a great choice for you as bike riding in both Midtown and Downtown is terrific, and getting better every day. Bottom line, when you think about metro Atlanta, location matters dramatically. And I can help you see the difference.

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I strongly recommend you read my book (conveniently available on your sites in all your global markets!) and maybe even take a bike ride or two with me when you are here. No one is paying me to tell you the good stuff. I am 100% independent. I can give you the truth from my lived experience as a woman Traveling at the Speed of Bike. Let’s ride*.

*If you prefer a sneak peek, here are photos from my View from the Handlebars album. If you want, I can talk you through them and let you know which ones are taken in your target areas. 

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