Just some paint, and a guy named Joe

26011794247_0d514fb1a3_oThere’s not much to it — just some white paint. But it made me feel significantly safer as I was riding uphill on a road with speeding drivers in my suburb-city; and it made my bike ride better because I could relax a bit and maybe even sing Queen’s I Want to Ride My Bicycle out loud (yes, that was me — sorry if I woke you); and it made the motor vehicle drivers happier because they knew I was out of their way; and it would have made walkers feel safer (if there had been a sidewalk) because it would serve as an additional buffer between them and the road.

15744560927_8a5782be23_oBiggest joy? It made me happy to know that I knew the person behind making this happen — my friend, Joe Seconder. He is the former Chair (and current Board Member) of the Georgia Bikes Board of Directors, the founder of Bike Walk Dunwoody, an original member of the City of Dunwoody Sustainability Commission and its current Sustainability Hero. Thanks, Joe. And thank you to the City of Dunwoody, GA as well. This matters. (More, please.)

Note: there is not an inch of bike lane in your city anywhere in this country that doesn’t represent the blood, sweat, and tears of many of your neighbors and fellow citizens. A big shout-out to all of you doing this often-thankless work. You matter.

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