Belief in tomorrow

fullsizeoutput_1133.jpegSo I rode my bike to a Self Defense Class for Women, sponsored by my suburb-city as a result of the recent attack in the bathroom in one of its parks. After we learned how to gouge out eyeballs and rip off ears, I got into a huge conversation (before Traveling at the Speed of Bike again home) with a woman who was specifically searching for a community garden to join.

I hesitantly admitted I had been one of the founders of the community garden nearby (I have long since moved on), and I gave her some tips. I got to talk about microbial life and cover crops, and that was more fun than how to rake DNA under my fingernails so the police can identify a rapist/murderer (although that class was really good, so big thanks, City of Dunwoody and UFC Gym).

I just emailed her these links, and I thought I’d share them here as well in case you are interested in growing food, too. For me, planting seeds helps restore my belief in tomorrow again, on days when sometimes that’s hard. This photo is a small sample of what’s growing in my home garden right now. I apparently tossed some seeds six weeks or so ago, perhaps right after the Parkland massacre, and they grew. Seeds are funny that way.

Simple Year-at-a-Glance Organic Gardening Tips (note some of the links within this post don’t work because I no longer write that blog)

Georgia Organics crop planting calendar

Citizen Farmers (Farmer D’s excellent book) (here is the website for the Farmer D Organics shop, where you can get soil and fertilizer)

Food for My Daughters (my book), plus its website has some bonus tips