No more gutter of failed imagination

Note how with #BikeNoodle on this main road in my suburb-city today, drivers waited to go by me until they clearly had enough room to do so and then gave me way more than the legally-required three-feet-to-pass. Plus, they didn’t try to buzz me or squeeze me into the gutter of failed imagination. Most of them slowed down, and there was no honking and no harassment.

It’s not my favorite place to ride (although there are some nice spots in the city), but I wanted to mail my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike, to the man who gave me Magic and to journalist/author Gay Talese (as they are both in the book), and I couldn’t in good conscience do that not on my bike.

Find out more about #BikeNoodle in Chapter 6: Noodle Lady. (Here’s the USA link.)