Bike AT Work Day


Did you know that something like 96 percent of poll respondents on the Bike Commuters of Atlanta Facebook page said their bike-to-work distance is less than 5 miles each way? And do you realize that it is quite easy to put a route together in the City of Atlanta that’s relatively separated or protected from motor vehicle traffic? (See my Bonus Resources for some maps, photos, and more than you may find helpful.)

The majority of these people are not Lycra-clad road warriors, folks. They are regular moms and dads and neighbors and friends in regular clothes going to their regular jobs (which could include working at a coffee shop, doing full-time parenting chores, or volunteering). And you could be, too. National Bike to Work Day each year reminds us of an easy way many Americans are incorporating active transportation into their lives, getting their daily sunshine and exercise, and connecting with Today’s Nice Strangers along the way.

Truth? Some basic bike skills can help make your rides more enjoyable. How to choose a route that works for you. How to check your bike to be sure it’s ride-ready. How to start easily at a red light, and how to use hand signals and brakes. How to maneuver to avoid storm debris, go around a vehicle parked illegally in the bike lane, or alert a pedestrian on a path that you are passing. How to feel like a kid again, even when you’re heading to the 9-to-5 grind. (Here are more tips, from a guest blog post I wrote for the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition a couple of years ago.

IMG_1842In celebration of this year’s National Bike to Work Day on May 18, you can choose to Bike AT Work in this FREE hour-long lunchtime refresher of basic bike skills that may make you more comfortable considering commuting to work on bike or otherwise working bike riding back into your life. The majority of the class takes place in Piedmont Park at the 14th Street entrance (closest to the Midtown, Atlanta business district), where there is a bikeshare station available for your convenience. Sign up here.

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