Meet Aimee

IMG_3304Meet Aimee. She is a married mom of two children who lives in the City of Atlanta. She found me on the Internet and emailed me to ask if I would teach her how to ride a bike. She said she never learned and was absolutely terrified but wanted to ride with her husband and children.

We met this morning, and an hour and a half later, Aimee was riding. The hair on my arms stood up as I watched her pedal, pedal, pedal into her new future.

We then hugged and said goodbye. I asked her to stay in touch to let me know what happens next, and to circle back if she wants to learn more after maybe a month or so of getting comfortable riding.

She went to pay me and I said no, that I do these classes for free with support from sales from my book, Traveling at the Speed of Bike, because I want to help more women who are new or returning to bikes. Because I want to meet more strangers in a public park who want to change our cities and their lives — and mine.