This is Francisco

FullSizeRenderMeet Francisco. He is Today’s Nice Stranger (see my TodaysNiceStranger Instagram feed for a sample of the many nice people out there, if interested). I met him while Traveling at the Speed of Bike through the Krog Street Tunnel in the City of Atlanta. He was spray-painting. We got to talking about the Bird scooter-share, which has just “flown” into Atlanta. He signed up with Bird to make a little extra cash by taking scooters home to charge them and repositioning them where they are needed.

Speaking of the Bird scooters, they are all the rage — literally — in select cities around the USA (1) because people love them and want to use them to get places, and (2) because they are a potential danger and nuisance to pedestrians and those with disabilities since it becomes abundantly clear how unsafe the streets are in so many places in our country (hello!) and thus folks ride these on the sidewalks yet the laws and infrastructure don’t clearly accommodate them.

So, we’ll see what happens next.