In a city known as Terminus

pic-couchy-2Since we’re talking Stranger Things Happen, I thought you might enjoy the intro to it.

In a city originally known as Terminus, there is a new path forward. And when people who would never have met otherwise cross paths, stranger things happen.

There is a girl with a glockenspiel. She comes at night. She hangs upside down in a tree and plays Ode to Joy mournfully. There is a brokenhearted man with a dartboard, and a woman who rides a unicycle. There is a graffiti artist who walked a fish (seriously), a homeless guy who wears the same shorts every day, an old lady with a walker who once marched on Washington, and a priest who can’t be saved by prayer. There is even a Santa in an Airstream, and many, many others.

I might as well tell you. Lives are about to collide. Folks are about to fall in love. People and dreams are about to die, and others will be born. And, through 70 or so different stories (or is it just one?), people will try desperately to find their path and place in a city face to face with the pride and pain of change. And I think it’s only fair to warn you that as a result of reading this book, you may never look at strangers the same way again. So get comfortable. Or not.

But don’t listen to me. I’m just a couch, left as trash. What do I know?

Note: All photographs are original street photography. All stories are fiction. Any likenesses to any real people throughout this book are unintentional. A new path forward in the city of Atlanta, however, really exists. And I was really left on it.

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