Feel-good reflections

A lot of folks share with me their own bike memories after reading my book, which I love to hear. A man texted me the following reflections, and he gave me permission to share them with you. They may remind you of some things from your own life. (The four-second video above may spark some memories alive again, too.)

Just finished your book. It made my day of otherwise boring assignments fly past! Thanks. My feel-good reflections started on page one as I relived my favorite bike – – a green Schwinn Stingray with the white banana seat and high handle bars. I eventually put a plastic windshield on it, designed just for that bike, to make it look like a hotrod car. I also fastened playing cards to the frame so that the bike sounded like an engine when the spokes turned and hit the cards. Ever do that?

Every ride I took until age 12 also meant that my dog ran beside me, everywhere… until one day she went as far as the end of the driveway, and stopped, turned around, and walked back to the house, never to run again. Soon thereafter, I gave my bike to my much younger brother because my leisurely bike riding was dead as a trade-off to year-round sports training and games. My 1990 velodrome one-gear bike (another Schwinn) competitions rekindled the kid in me.

Yes, you should be writing children’s books (your page 26) . . . you’ve got talent. You need a partner illustrator. Don’t let those circling carcass eaters get to you! I believe in you. Gather ye rosebuds. Just keep riding!