Stay in the streets

Riding a bike can be a political statement — it is a transportation vote, an environmental vote, and a health vote. It is a community vote as you meet and grow to understand people with whom you may not have crossed paths otherwise. It is also a vote for freedom-for-all as your mere presence in the public space we call streets raises awareness for the need for safe access for our most vulnerable road users.

As artists, riding a bike also gives us the opportunity to bear witness, to document, and to shine a light on our changing world. In short, it is a form of activism. (Photo taken while bike riding along the Atlanta Streetcar route for my A Streetcar Named Aspire photo essay.) 

You may not be comfortable showing up at city hall or marching with protesters or asking people for money for causes in need. You may simply choose to ride a bike, and in doing so, to make a visible difference every time you stay in the streets in every city, village, and hamlet of our nation.