Today’s nice stranger

fullsizeoutput_151eHe was crossing the street. I was turning while Traveling at the Speed of Bike. He waved me on. I waved him on. We ended up just meeting in the middle of the crosswalk and talking. His name is Kemp (short for Kempten, which is the little town in Germany from which he comes). He quickly became my “Today’s Nice Stranger.” When I asked about the book he is carrying, he told me that it’s by a mystery author who writes so provocatively about food that Kemp ends up making some of the food that’s described. His latest creation included eggs and garlic and herbs.

We said goodbye. He went his way. I went mine. But then he caught up with me blocks away (via car), as I was rifling through a Little Free Library, to show me a photo he got the other day of a woman taking photos of her bike against a public mural. Yep, me. I guess I was his “Today’s Nice Stranger” that day.

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