Bike riding dresses

IMG_5508-1I loved this dress (organic! fair trade!) and it worked great on a bike for awhile (it’s stretchy, sleeveless, and the back of it is a little longer, plus there’s a hood if it rains — all good) but it literally fell apart. The seams were fused, not stitched, and they just came undone one by one by one. I extended its short life by stitching it together here and there as long as I could but recent major rips means that this whole summer it has hung dejectedly in my closet.

I got an Amazon gift card for my birthday and want to replace this dress with one that will go the distance, so I searched “bike riding dresses for women” online and came up with  . . .  baby clothes. That’s it. Baby clothes. I may need to start designing my own city bike riding clothes. My mom is a whiz on the sewing machine (and she has all the cool equipment) and I’m spending a lot of time at her place lately, so maybe she can help me. To start, I could cut up this dress and rework it — so that it really works.

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