The road ahead

fullsizeoutput_1706And so, that’s that. The road ahead here, beyond my newly-empty nest, is unpaved as I will be going “where no woman has gone before” (on my Trek, and other bikes). Join me, starting in October, as I take you state-by-state across the USA to highlight what’s happening when the rubber hits the road specifically for women. And sign up to be the lucky woman in your state who benefits from a free “Pedal Power with Pattie” basic bike skills class so you, too, can be Traveling at the Speed of Bike.

(Note: I’ll also be offering local private classes at market rates, I’m now a tour guide with Bicycle Tours of Atlanta, I have a new guerrilla art exhibit about to premiere, and I’m working on two new books and other art forms. So I’m moving forward, and I continue to invite you along. As always, let’s trust the journey.)

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