That wall

Butterfly wallThere is still not a drop of paint as a public mural anywhere in the suburb city where I live (and the only public mural is a replica of a previous public mural that says Everything Will be OK), despite the progress that seemed to be happening  
when I wrote this post three years agoAnd now I see in the local newspaper that there’s a new big concrete wall right at the entrance to the nature center, where a butterfly festival is the annual highlight and pollinator gardens attempt to save the monarch butterflies. Yet the city is suggesting the county add some “aesthetic features.”

Um, that would be art, folks. Public art, created by the community. That is not the county’s responsibility. They are not the ones who will be passing this while Traveling at the Speed of Bike. They are not the schoolchildren right next door, and the seniors and families and public piano players and dog walkers and solace-seekers from all walks of life who visit the nature center. This is our opportunity. Here’s an idea to get us going. Are you someone in the community who can take this idea and transform it into something better?

It’s in our nature to express ourselves artistically. Let’s see what’s possible here.