And life goes on

IMG_0208.JPGI hadn’t been back to the Hand of God Tree since I discovered it had crashed into the Chattahoochee River. But so much has happened and I feel like it is my Grandmother Willow (from the Disney movie Pocahontas) and so I rode Magic there yesterday.

Stunned by the late-summer beauty of the full-flowered meadow, dotted with butterflies and swaying under the bright blue sky, I rounded the corner of the gravel path and almost missed the spot, the “hand” of tree limbs no longer punctuating the forested riverbank clearing.

But then, there it was, laying in the river, surrounded by swirling eddies of water and bobbing geese and supporting so much green life, even berries, existing parasitically on it. What’s more, it beckoned, inviting me to walk on it, to sit on it. And so I did, and it was nice.

There were no big revelations. Just this — Things change. People change. Yet nature persists. And life goes on.

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