The female gaze

StreetShortsCoverLately, I’m heartened to hear that something called “the female gaze” is gaining more notoriety. This represents an increased focus on the unique artistic point of view of women in our society, and frankly, just means a woman created it. So any woman creating any art brings the female gaze to her work.

If you can believe it, I think I’m the only artist in the world working at the intersection of street photography and fiction*. A lot is happening out there in our changing world, and a lot is happening inside me as I funnel what I’m finding through my prism of perspective. Maybe it’s time to get a move on it with Street Shorts**. I’ve already done the legwork while Traveling at the Speed of Bike. It’s just a matter of pulling it all together now. And maybe it’s not even a book — maybe it’s a guerrilla art exhibit at my beloved Gallery 26.

* You may also enjoy Stranger Things Happen.

** For those who know my process, I iterate continually so this is probably the first of fifty cover ideas for this concept. But you see where I’m going.


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