I did the corporate thing. I drove Downtown. I flew around the country. I stayed at expensive hotels and ate in trendy restaurants. I had a budget and hired smart people doing cool things. It was nice.

I did the freelance thing. I worked from home. I controlled my fate. I said no when I wanted to. I saw my name in print. I was there for my daughters. I grew gardens. It was nice.

And now, I’m doing the “encore career” thing. I get paid to ride my bike and show people around. I work out of an old cotton warehouse where I can tell you about that hundred-year-old fire door (pictured). I eat doughnuts with strangers, and continually learn about history and art. I work with people who are kind.

And, you know what? It is nice. And maybe I’m gonna stay with that for awhile. It seems to be working.