Still there

fullsizeoutput_198bYears ago, my friends and I started, revived, or helped other people start at least a dozen community gardens around metro Atlanta, plus advised hundreds of other people around the USA. Yesterday, my friend Amie and I passed one while Traveling at the Speed of Bike. I always hold my breath a little when approaching one of the oldies, not sure if it’s still there, not sure if it’s still loved (and praying it’s not locked, like our beloved first one that I can no longer access).

This one appears to be doing well. Sure, it could use some fall crops or cover crops, but the weather has been crazy and summer really is just ending in our gardens right now here, so my home garden is in similar transition. Then again, aren’t we all in some sort of transition? Aren’t we all just finding our way from season to season in life?


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