IMG_1800So I left home in the dark of morning and returned in the dark of night after working my first time as a movie extra (a twelve-hour immersion which is its own story that I can’t really tell because of the confidentiality agreement). Let’s just say there was lots of “Rolling,” “Background,” and “Action” — and a whole lot of sitting around (including three hours in a Seinfeld-ian Puffy Shirt that did not make it into the production and should not be interpreted here as a clue). Note to self: Bring suitcase of wardrobe changes (like all the seasoned extras did) if you ever decide to do this again as it will expand your on-screen opportunities and increase the fun quotient enormously. Interesting tidbit: A number of people are doing this full time (for less than $100 a day), and felons qualify.

After getting home and realizing I had done no Traveling at the Speed of Bike all day*, which means my Atlanta Bike Challenge team (Trusting the Journey) would not get the daily 20 points I could still earn for riding at least ten minutes, I tossed on the lights and popped around the block for a mile and a half. I didn’t want to let the team down (and frankly, I had had nothing but unhealthy food on set all day and I felt crappy).

The night was cool and lovely, the roads in my neighborhood were empty, the crickets were chirping, and it felt awesome — extra awesome. It reminded me of when I was a girl coming home from softball practice or my flute lesson or the fast food restaurant where I worked with apple pies strapped on my back rack for my dad.

I think that’s the type of “rolling” I prefer — unless, of course, I could get a gig in a movie as an extra on a bike . . .

* I was originally hoping to bike-commute to the set but that opened a whole other can of worms. I have so many questions now about those in need of this abundantly-available and basically no-skill employment but who don’t have access to a car to get there and there is no or inadequate access-for-all otherwise, especially in the dark as they typically shoot 12-hour (or more) days.

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