Your place of impact

IMG_2670.JPGWhile Traveling at the Speed of Bike yesterday, I passed this artwork and I got to thinking, yet again, how each day we have many votes. We vote with our forks for the food system we want. We vote with our dollars for businesses we want to support. We vote with our pedals for the transportation options we want. And today in the USA, we vote with our ballots for our representatives in our democracy.

I’m not here to vote-shame you. Not everyone is comfortable or feels safe protesting or going door-to-door. Not everyone has the time, ability, or calling to show up at city hall or their state’s capitol. And not everyone will find it easy to vote today because our country does not make it seamless to do so (even with the addition of early voting, which is how I chose to vote). Weather ain’t helping (as it storms outside my window right now). But that doesn’t mean you no longer have a voice or choice. Whether or not you vote with your ballot today, for any reason whatsoever, my hope is that the recent increased interest in our society (and the earth itself) has somehow engaged you on a new level, and that you will find your place of impact, your calling, and your power. There is much work to be done, and there is a place — and need — for everyone.

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