Not yet crushed

fullsizeoutput_1a1f.jpegI just received some extremely useful, positive, and detailed suggestions from an editor about my latest short story, Pennies on the Tracks (which is one of the stories in a collection I’m finishing, and the first chapter of a new novel I’m considering writing).

I have had some small successes over the past few years with my published fiction, but my aspirations are bigger than that. However, I’ve been involved in extended eldercare responsibilities lately that have made it hard for me to compartmentalize so that I can write (something I never had trouble doing before, through all the years of corporate jobs, freelancing, and child-rearing) — and considering that writing is breathing for me, I’ve been gasping for air a bit. (Traveling at the Speed of Bike on a daily basis has helped, but it’s not the same.) This welcome feedback may be just what I needed to, um, get back on track. I am not giving up. I am not yet crushed. My dreams have lived to see another day.

For all my fellow dreamers, artists, and believers in the burning passion in your soul to do what you feel you are called to do, often without tangible reward — carpe diem; trust the journey; hope, love, and dare.



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