New attacks of artifice

IMG_6849.JPGI see new attacks of artifice almost every time I’m out Traveling at the Speed of Bike. Dog parks, ball fields, playgrounds, public greenspaces, everywhere. Suburban, urban, you name it — artificial turf is out of control*. Is anyone giving this crap creep any thought? Is this really what we’ve become?

If interested, please see Real Talk about Artificial Turf. I have been debating with myself if it’s the less of two evils because the alternative is chemical-laden lawns, but perhaps that’s allowing true vision of what’s actually good to erode. Are we really done as a society with striving for what’s actually good? 

* A small sampling of where I have found it recently includes:

– Home Depot Backyard playground, at Mercedes Benz Stadium (the greenest sports stadium in the world)

– Urban Bark dog park in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood of City of Atlanta

– All the Station Soccer fields at MARTA stations in the City of Atlanta

– The ball fields where children are required to participate in PE at Peachtree Charter Middle School in Dunwoody, GA

– A ball field where children play sports in Norcross, GA (an Atlanta Regional Commission Green Community at the Platinum level)

– The dog park and central greenspace at Avalon in Alpharetta, GA

– The playground and river-view swings at Morgan Falls Park in Sandy Springs, GA

– The bocce court in front of a mural on Edgewood Avenue in City of Atlanta

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