Hope thru soap

IMG_7284.JPGMeet Megan and Jason. They are Today’s Nice Strangers. I met them (yesterday, actually) while Traveling at the Speed of Bike as they were wrapping up a day of providing showers (19), haircuts (17), fresh-grilled hamburgers/hot dogs (about 100), and clothing from the mobile Hope Thru Soap facility to those in need. (See all 63 Today’s Nice Stranger photos here.)

Here is a USA Today story about Hope Thru Soap. FYI, Jason indicated they are in dire need of donations right now, so if you like supporting nonprofits, consider adding Hope Thru Soap to your mix.

And, by the way, the only reason I met them was because I chose a different route than the Atlanta Beltline back to a MARTA train station because it gets too crowded on Belty on the weekends (a good problem). So, once again, I am reminded to trust the journey.

UPDATE: A woman named Molly Elmore is a soap maker who provides soaps to Hope Thru Soap. She said if anyone wants to include a note for her to be handed out with the soap to those who take showers, you can send it to: Molly Elmore, Ridgeway Soapworks. 1546 Progress Road, Suite C, Ellijay GA 30540 Note that the boxes are small so messages need to be folded in box 3” x 2”.

* Please note that I had a conversation and asked for consent from every single person. If they are not smiling or even looking at me (such as the beekeepers), it is because that’s how they chose to present themselves, not because I took the photo without their approval.