Boston to get new ghost bike

37570478935_489cb8ee21_o.jpgI took this photo of a ghost bike in Boston that’s in memory of a man named Richard Stanley Archer, who was killed in May, 2017 while riding his bike by a motor vehicle driver. A Boston University graduate student named Meng Jin was killed while riding a bike by a motor vehicle driver in Cambridge in November, 2018. And just this past week, a 69-year-old woman named Paula Sharaga was killed while riding her bike by a motor vehicle driver in the Fenway.

I’ll be back in Boston in April, as my younger daughter is attending university there, and will be sure to pay homage to Meng and Paula by visiting their ghost bikes. Although I have been enjoying the increasing bike access in Boston and nearby Cambridge, it is abundantly obvious how far these cities (and cities throughout the USA)  still have to go to provide safe and separated access-for-all. My deepest condolences to their families and loved ones.

If interested, here is a little video I made while Traveling at the Speed of Bike in Boston and Cambridge. I look forward to showcasing its positive changes over the next few years.

Here is my public service announcement about it being time for real change (not lipstick-on-a-pig pretend change that placates a small niche and earns cities accolades but does not provide true safe access). It’s too late for Boston to not require a ghost bike, but it may not be too late where you live.


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